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We’re guessing most of you would have heard the exciting news that the Queensland Government has published its Energy and Jobs Plan (the 10 Year Energy Plan), which is much more ambitious on climate change action. Now it’s time to get on with its implementation. We need to tell our MPs that we support this plan, but still need to see clarity on support for energy efficiency for households. We invite you to write a letter to your local MP! 

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We have drafted a letter you can send, or you can draft your own - we have put together some key points about what we think the Government needs to focus on. When you fill in your postcode it will automatically link to MPs of your local area.

As one of the world's biggest carbon emitters per capita it's long been time for Queensland to raise its climate ambition! We are pleased to hear the announcements, including

  • Queensland will have 70% renewable energy by 2032 and an 80 per cent target for 2035

  • Phasing out climate destroying coal for domestic energy and converting them into clean energy hubs by 2035. 

  • Some energy efficiency for households, targeting renters (though we have questions and look forward to the details to come)

  • Funding to support non government organisations to improve access to energy efficiency advice and devices for hard to reach customer cohorts.

  • Grant program for manufacturing small and medium enterprises for energy efficiency measures that reduce energy costs and operational emissions.

  • Affordable energy initiatives for rooftop solar and batteries, empowering households and businesses, including investment into a Queensland SuperGrid

  • Job Creation in the Regions, supporting coal workers and communities

  • A Job Security Guarantee for energy workers will be legislated

  • Queensland’s energy infrastructure will continue to be publicly-owned so that Queenslanders will benefit from our abundant wind and sun for decades to come.

We are excited to see mention of energy efficiency, which has been sadly lacking in Queensland, particularly for renters and low-income households. We look forward to seeing more detail on how this will occur, and particularly call on the Queensland government to implement energy efficiency minimum standards and mandatory disclosure to safeguard the health of renters and protect them from the impacts of climate change.

We are however disappointed to hear our actual 2030 emissions target (30% emissions reduction by 2030) remains unchanged, meaning we are still the state with one of the lowest emission reduction targets, and says nothing of our continuing coal and gas exports. This plan won’t keep us below the 1.5 degree warming science tells us we need.

Now that Queensland Labor has stepped up on renewables, we invite Queenslanders to continue showing support while also asking them to raise their ambition on emissions and energy efficiency. We invite you to email your low MP to demonstrate your support for this plan, but to also raise the profile of energy efficiency.

Here's what we want to ask for next...

For Queensland’s energy and climate resilient future, especially to support low income households and renters, we need to consider:

  • Implementing energy efficiency minimum standards for rental properties, along with mandatory disclosure

  • Establish a funding program to retro-fitting existing houses to be more energy efficient (we need to focus on existing homes to make them more safe, comfortable and less carbon intensive)

  • Fund energy efficiency assessment and retrofit training as part of its jobs package

  • Support social service organisations to undertake energy audits and support household retrofits for renters and social housing

Include targeted energy efficient appliance programs to allow low income households to access 4-star energy efficiency appliances

We invite you to write a letter to your local MP! 

You can also simply write your thoughts on Mick De Brennis Facebook page:

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